Bersalis Triple
Top Fermentation

Blond triple with spicy character!

Bersalis Triple is a blond triple with firm character. The full body taste of wheat malt evolves during …

Bersalis Kadet
Top Fermentation

Flavour of a triple, drinkable like a lager!

Bersalis Kadet is a light and refreshing top fermented beer full of flavour. The noble taste of barley malt is …

Bersalis Sourblend
Top Fermentation

The blending of beer is an art!

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the revival of the Oud Beersel Brewery, the brewmaster transposed his …

Oude Geuze
Spontaneous Fermentation

Traditional Oude Geuze with fruity nose and hoppy flavour!

Oud Beersel Oude Geuze is one of nature’s miracles. Oude Geuze is a blend of lambic from different years. …

Oude Kriek
Spontaneous Fermentation

Traditional Oude Kriek with an immense flavour of fresh cherries!

Oud Beersel Oude Kriek is an artisanal product, made from real cherries and Oud Beersel lambic matured …

Spontaneous Fermentation

Mild raspberry beer on the basis of real fruit and real lambic!

Framboise Oud Beersel harmonizes the authentic taste of Oude Lambiek and the fruity flavour of …

bzart Lambiek
Mixed Fermentation

is a natural, Belgian sparkling quality beverage based on ”Lambiek Oud Beersel”

Lambic is a spontaneous fermentation beer and the oldest of the still existing beers that probably …

bzart Kriekenlambiek
Mixed Fermentation

is a sparkling pure brut quality beverage based on ”Kriekenlambiek Oud Beersel”

Cherry Lambic is a Belgian spontaneous fermentation beer made of Lambic to which sour cherries are added …

Beralis Tripel Oak Aged
Mixed Fermentation

Part of Bersalis Tripel’s production

matures at Oud Beersel brewery on wooden barrels alongside the lambic barrels. …