Bersalis Sourblend Grand Cru

The blending of beer is an art!

that is practiced at Oud Beersel since 1882

For those moments when you’d like something special in your Tripel, we’ve selected a particular batch of expressive, fruity Lambic, with just enough character to enhance our award-winning Bersalis Tripel.

The result: Bersalis Sourblend Grand Cru.
This new beer is 8% ABV, and brings a touch of Lambic into the robust profile of our Bersalis Tripel.

Serve at: 8°C – 12°C
Ingredients: water, wheat malt & barley malt, wheat, hops, yeast, spices
Alc.: 8,0% ABV
Colour: blonde
Aroma: a combination of the spicy character of Bersalis Tripel and ripe fruit with notes of pear, banana and green apple.
Flavor: refreshing and full-bodied beer with the taste of ripe fruit supported by an underlying sourness of Lambic with a punch.
Shelf life: 3 years
Packaging: 24 x 33 cl – kegs 20 l